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Hire-Train Deploy

Building Minds, Building Future

There is a huge gap between skill set required by the corporates and the skill set possessed by the candidates, especially the ones who have recently completed college.
Corporates spend large amount of money and time in getting these candidates trained and to bring them to the level that is required by clients and projects.
To address this challenge with economical solution our new service being designed as HTD (Hire, Train, and Deploy).
Hire, Train, and Deploy is a custom solution that is based on the skill set required by our clients, we train the professionals and deploy them once the training is over .

HTD- Benefits :

Quick Resourse selection
-Initial Screening
-Technology Base skills
-Aptitude, Logical and Verbal

-Dedicated team
-Infrastructure to train
-Scenario based and custom training

Assured Placement
-ROI on each position
-100% result oriented
-Smooth deployment

Measure & Monitor
-In-house tools and technology assessment
-Online and virtual classrooms for upskill- 24/7

HTD- Programs :

-Hardware/Network Engineer
-Network Engineer
-Software Engineer